Friday, June 2, 2017


Dolls at the side road of PORTLAND SATURDAY MARKET.

Artist's store are lined up for 3 blocks. There are variety of artists' work.

This artist has a lot of hanging type of vase.  

The artist who made this knife headband said he got this idea from Halloween goods. They are usually made by plastics so he though he could make more real one. His father started metalwork store at Saturday Market forty five years ago.

There are also entertainments, not only the artists stores. He makes the place more enjoyable by playing music using several instruments.

Those purses are made by board cover of books. 

There are a lot of food cart. We can spend all day at the market.

Those are work from artist who lives in portland metro area. 

Those are works from same artists who made accessories above. Some artists do multiple different types of works.

The strong point of the market is that we can buy products directly from artists.

And there is also entertainment elements. Portland Saturday Market is a place to enjoy, not only buying stuff.

This photographer sells his photography only in the market. He does not have his own website. He wants to know peoples' need.

Each artist has reason to having a shop in Portland Saturday Market and their motivation is also coming from various reasons. Portland Saturday Market is a place that both artist and customer gets new point of view.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017